Started in 2011  Mondelice flowered under the visionary genius of Prakash Nair CEO , expanded its wings and branches  to Bangalore headed by Directors Ieris Varghese , Asha Ajith  and  Namita Nair.

An entrepreneur par excellence, he felt that progress ought to be a combined experience. He offered the concept of live bakery to budding business persons who could operate their own enterprises, by employing the product and service range offered by the mother company, Mondelice. 

Excellent ethical standards and products, ensured that the move flourished. Today, Mondelice Entrepreneur are a happy and progressive part of the family.

Mondelice: The 100% vegetarian (Egg Less) Pure Fresh baked Veg Cakes, Pastries, Savories with a range of ready to eat food boast of its taste and quality & the approach is to provide exquisite and unheard products in baking field.

Mondelice cakes, pastries and savouries are baked to perfection with immaculate finishing giving the much desired satisfaction.

Mondelice -a premier and popular destination for lovers and connoisseurs of all varieties cakes,chocolates, pastries and cookies, with a commanding and distinguished presence in two cities Mumbai and Bangalore and expanding to Pan India very soon. 

Mondelice core ideology:

Is to be the place where all the yummy stuff emerges from & “To help people express their happiness in a memorable way.” Assist customers in conveying happiness to their loved ones in memorable and personalized. 

Core Values : 

All our products and services shall be offered with the same love, care and affection as if, they were meant for the most beloved person. 

Use the best ingredients, offer freshbakery products, customized to suit personal tastes, with excellent standards of creativity, and delivered with the highest degree of timeliness and assurance of impeccable quality. 

Mondelice uses only the finest and freshest ingredients in its products, with insistence onquality controlat every stage of production, packaging and delivery.

Mondelice have specialized in and gained renown for custom madepersonalized products, which the client can order as per individual specifications and tastes, together with unique messages, which touch the hearts of the recipients.

Mondelice expert staff of chefs, confectioners, and artist, strive for ongoing creativity andcustomer satisfaction- we create the dream gift which the client has conjectured in his or her mind.

Mondelice is the ‘Celebration King’ with virtually no popular orspecial occasion remaining outside its range. Clients have now become habituated to celebrate with Mondelice whether birthdays, anniversaries, weddings, engagements, Children’s Day, etc.

The Organisation:

The operations of the bakery unit and the services will be handled  with the vision of “Providing Services from the heart” The company has four live bakery manufacturing plants producing oven fresh, mouth watering cakes consistently throughout the year. Of these, 3 plants are company owned and the rest are owned and operated by the manufacturing franchisees.


  • To prepare genuine and fresh from oven products to the customer in bakery and 
  • Confectionery.
  • Quality assurance steps in at each and every stage of the manufacturing process to ensure world-class soft n fresh cakes, snacks and baker's ware.
  • The company plans to continue to expanding beyond its current partnerships & to widen wings across the cities in India.
  • To supply the best quality products with value for money.
  • Set a benchmark in creating unique menus.

Mondelice outlets:

Cake Shops, areconveniently located, with a friendly ambience and helpful staff, whose motto is – the complete satisfaction of the customer’s sweet wishes.

Great ethics and services, have ensured that Mondelice will very soon spread its wings India selling the brand, in addition to the large Corporate.